Senior/Junior Team Management News 2022

Chairman’s Message:

On behalf of GBC I would like to thank Eugene, Adrian and Grace for the tremendous work they did last year with our teams. Sadly, for 2022 they won’t be on board with us. We have all benefited enormously from their efforts, Eugene last year, Adrian since 2019 and Grace since 2009. They have earned our respect, leave us as friends and will always be most welcome in Tom Ryall Park. Thank you, all in GBC wish you the best of luck in the future.

Thanks must also go to Micheal, Joc and Paul for their efforts with our Junior A team over the past two years. For 2022 they will be involved with our Juvenille teams. Thank you men.

GBC are delighted to announce that John O’Neill is coming on board as manager of our Senior team. James and Dougie are staying on board as selectors. The three of them are currently recruiting a backroom team and will be laying out their plans to you all in the near future. FYI, our new gym will be commissioned on 11th February.

Dave O’Neill (Chairman)